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University of Lodz

address: ul. Narutowicza 68
90-136 Łódź
phone: +48 42 635 42 37
e-mail: iso@uni.lodz.pl    internet: www.iso.uni.lodz.pl

MA in International Cultural Studies Specialization: Intercultural Communication


MA in International Cultural Studies


4 semesters (2 academic years)



ECTS points



Inter-cultural communication (previously International Encounters in Culture) is Master program hosted by the Faculty of International Studies and Political at the University of Łódź, Poland. This new MA program is a part of the International Cultural Studies degree, and it expands research interests and topics of Bachelor’s degree. The course is taught exclusively in English, and it is addressed to people whose professional careers will require expertise in cultural diversity communication. The program looks globally to provide an overview of different civilizations world-wide as well as locally, i.e. across the Euro-American civilization, its cultures and subcultures, and teaches students to understand individual differences found among people of different races, religions, sexual orientations and genders. It offers practical knowledge in communication in culturally diverse working environment and how to be culturally competent among people who have different worldviews, customs and religions. It also focuses on intercultural interaction at a global level, by exploring such topics as interculturalism, globalization, migration, terrorism and Postcolonialism. Last but not least the program draws on cultural representations of intercultural interaction, engaging with mass media, literature, and popular culture. Students will be introduced to research methods and strategies within cultural studies, literary studies and sociology, which they will use to write research-based MA dissertations.

Other areas covered by the curriculum include:

  • Theory of Communication,
  • Heritage and Cultural policies,
  • Film Studies,
  • New Media Studies,
  • Gender and feminist theory,
  • Race and ethnicity studies.

Intercultural Communication alumni will be experts at communication and problem solving in workplaces characterized by multicultural diversity. They will be prepared to work as trainers and counselors in multinational and multicultural corporations as well as in cultural institutions in the global market environment. They will also be able to seek employment in research centers, media (press, radio and television), publishing houses, advertising agencies etc.


2500 EUR/year for students from outside the EU/EFTA, exclusive of an additional 120 EUR charge that covers registration fee (for students of Polish origin the tuition is reduced by 50%). Please check UL website for updates about payments.


15 July 2017


International Students Office
University of Lodz
Address: ul. Matejki 21/23
91-237 Lodz, Poland
Phone: +48 42 635 42 37,
Fax: + 48 42 635 47 89
E-mail: iso@uni.lodz.pl
Department of the British and Commonwealth Studies, Faculty of
International and Political Studies, University of Lodz
Narutowicza 59a
90-131 Lodz
Phone: +48(042)6655615
Fax: +48(042)6655616
Beata Gradowska
Administrative Assistant
e-mail: beagra@uni.lodz.pl
Room 213 (second floor)
Tomasz Fisiak
e-mail: tomasz.fisiak@uni.lodz.pl
Room 211 (second floor)




Department of the British and Commonwealth Studies, Faculty of International and Political Studies, University of Lodz

education requirements

Bachelor’s Degree Diploma (or other document confirming Bachelor’s Degree studies graduation) with the transcript of records, English language certificate (unless first level studies were taught in English).

The candidates are evaluated during a simple candidate profile analysis: all the candidates are initially required to submit a set of documents, based on which their relevance for the study is evaluated. The documents include: a curriculum vitae, motivational letter and legalized Bachelor’s Degree Diploma (or other document confirming Bachelor’s Degree studies graduation) with the transcript of records.

For more information about the enrolment process, please visit the International Students Office page: www.iso.uni.lodz.pl