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Краківський політехнічний університет

address: ul. Warszawska 24,
31-155 Kraków, Poland
phone: +48 12 628 22 24
e-mail: kancelaria@pk.edu.pl
internet: www.pk.edu.pl
MSc in Oil and Gas Technology
Institution, city Cracow University of Technology
Programme web site www.pk.edu.pl
Contact Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology,
Institute of Organic Chemistry and Technology
Cracow University of Technology
Address: ul. Warszawska 24, 31-155 Krakow, Poland
Phone: +48 12 628 21 11
E-mail: Krystyna Porzycka-Semczuk, PhD, Eng., kporz@pk.edu.pl
Degree awarded in Polish (and English) Master of Science
Language of instruction English
Tuition, other fees applicable 4000 EUR per year
ECTS points 90
Duration 3 semesters
Deadline for application May 31, 2011
Education requirements Bachelor programme in Chemistry (or related field) and earned Bachelor’s Degree.
Programme description Oil and gas are the basic energy sources and the main raw materials for chemical industry. Therefore, experts in Oil and Gas Technology are of high demand almost everywhere in the world. This specialty is offered for the first time entirely in English in the form of 2nd level three-semester studies leading to the degree Master of Science. During the course of study, students will gain expertise in science of petrochemical commodities, technologies of oil and gas mining and processing, technologies of specialty petroleum products, computer-aided design methods of petrochemical processes, as well as advanced chemistry courses necessary for better understanding of the properties of contemporary petrochemical products and their applications. Moreover, the students will learn some aspects of environment protection from contamination by petroleum-based products, methods of handling of accidental oil spills and gas leaks, and, methods of production of various modern environment-friendly fuels, such as LPG, CNG and biofuels. Graduates of Oil and Gas Technology will be well prepared for work in petroleum industry, in the companies related to that industry, such as distribution stations of specialty petrochemical products, design bureaus, and, research facilities, as well as for opening of own small businesses in sales, processing or developing of new products.
Remarks Documents listed at http://www.bwm.pk.edu.pl/Application_Procedure_for_MSc_studies_in_Eng.pdf are to be submitted by 31 May via e-mail to Ms. Kamila Rosciszewska at kamir@pk.edu.pl