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Study in Poland - programme

MSc in Aeronautics and Space Technology




3 semesters



ECTS points



Rzeszów UT Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics offers an opportunity to study Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering, specialization Computer aided manufacturing at the MSc level. The undergraduates, who decide to choose this specialization, obtain the knowledge in the field of advanced CAD/CAM systems, programming of CNC machine tools, advanced manufacturing techniques, advanced metrology, process engineering, technological data bases, diagnostics in machining, tool designing, organization and production management.
The graduates are able to solve complicated technological problems, plan and conduct research using appropriate methods of investigation and analysis, demonstrate a high order of skill in the planning, execution and completion of a piece of original research, apply research skills learned during the study programme to new situations, work independently and apply knowledge to new situations.
The graduates are also expected to take the opportunity to develop analytical thinking skills, self-directed learning skills, cooperative skills, intellectual flexibility and adaptability, proficiency in relevant computer applications and detailed understanding of the industrial sector. After graduating from master’s degree studies the graduates have a wide range of jobs available to them in the field of mechanical engineering. They can also continue studying on Ph.D. studies and postgraduate studies


3 x 1750 = 5 250 Euro
Accepted candidates will be charged 200 Euro of administrative costs.


Contact the Unit or Mr Pawlus


Pawel Pawlus, DSc, PhD, Eng., Associate Prof.
e-mail: ppawlus@prz.edu.pl




Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics Faculty

education requirements

The BSc or equivalent degree in Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering (minimum 7 semesters duration) and good English language skills are required. The admission decision will be undertaken by the selection committee.