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Study in Poland - programme

MSc in Chemical Engineering and Technology: specialization Organic Synthesis and Polymer Technology




3 semesters



ECTS points



The Faculty of Chemistry at the Rzeszow University of Technology offers an opportunity to study Chemical Technology, specialization Organic and polymer technology at the MSc level. The graduate acquires broadened knowledge (as compared to that of the 1st cycle) on the topics in contemporary chemistry and chemical engineering, particularly the speciality of own choice. The graduate is prepared to carry out research and development activities within the selected speciality, namely on catalysis, chemical and engineering principles of industrial processes, modelling and designing its paths, naming possibilities of its modernization, developing technologies in cooperation with specialists in other fields of engineering and implementing them into industrial practice. While the studies one becomes familiar with the rules of environmental protection and sustainable growth as well as learns to solve technical problems of production under legal, economic, and/or ethical constraints. The graduate is trained to work with and lead a group of people. The programme prepares a student to undertake its own business activity or become an employee in industry, research & development units or in administration and managing offices. The student is taught to carry on with permanent self education to improve professional knowledge. Studies can be commenced on the 3rd cycle of university education by joining doctoral studies.


3 x 1750 = 5 250 Euro>br> Accepted candidates will be charged 200 Euro of administrative costs.


20th July or 15th February each year


Wiktor Bukowski, DSc, PhD, Eng.,
Associate Prof.
e-mail: wbuk@prz.edu.pl




Faculty of Chemistry

education requirements

A candidate for master’s studies at Chemical Engineering and Technology should meet the following requirements:
completed 1st cycle engineering studies at Chemical Engineering and Technology,
completed 1st cycle engineering studies at similar topic (e.g. materials science, chemical engineering etc.) if the programme of studies covers no less than 60% of subjects equivalent or similar to those at the Chemical Technology curriculum,
completed Master’s degree if the programme of studies covers no less than 60% of subjects similar to those at Chemical Technology
Good English language skills are required. The admission decision will be undertaken by the recruitment commission.