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Study in Poland - programme

Гданський університет

address: вул. Бажинськєго 1А 80-952 Гданськ, Польща
phone: +48 585 23 25 31
e-mail: rekrutacja@ug.edu.pl    internet: www.ug.edu.pl

PhD studies in Biology, Microbiology and Ecology




4 years



ECTS points



The education of doctoral students within one of thirty-two disciplines is provided according to individual study plan under direct guidance of a scientific supervisor who will support the student through the PhD program.
The doctoral students are obligated to:
1. Carry out laboratory and/or field research aiming at the preparation of a doctoral dissertation, according to the schedule agreed upon with the scientific supervisor;
2. Collaborate with academic staff led by the scientific supervisor;
3. Participate in Department seminars;
4. Participate in lectures and conferences recommended by the scientific supervisor;
5. Participate in public defences of doctoral dissertations indicated by the scientific supervisor;
6. Publish at least two scientific articles during the course of the PhD studies;
7. Actively participate (oral or poster presentation) in at least two scientific conferences during the course of the PhD studies;
8. Submit written annual progress reports assessed by the scientific supervisor (the deadline for the submission is September 1st);
9. Participate in teaching activities (10-90 hours annually);
10. Pass the doctoral exams and defend the doctoral dissertation until the expiration of the appointed term.


As indicated at www.ug.edu.pl/en/en/non-eu_students--fees/


15 July 2014


Language of instruction - Polish; English for foreign students as individual study course


Faculty of Biology
University of Gdańsk
Address: Wita Stwosza 59
80-308 Gdańsk, Poland
Phone: +48 58 523 60 10
Fax: +48 58 523 60 02
e-mail: dziekanat@biol.ug.edu.pl




University of Gdańsk

education requirements

MSc (or an equivalent) in life sciences, including Biology, Bioinformatics, Environmental protection or related disciplines and good knowledge of English. Interview.