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Rzeszow University of Technology

address: Al. Powstańców Warszawy 12, 35-959 Rzeszów
phone: +48 17 865 12 92
e-mail: ulak@prz.edu.pl    internet: www.prz.edu.pl/en

BSc in Building and Engineering Structures




7 semesters



ECTS points



The Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Architecture at the Rzeszow University of Technology offers an opportunity to study Building and Engineering Structures at the BSc level. The graduates in civil engineering, thanks to the acquired theoretical knowledge and practical skills, have a solid base to work in design industry and construction companies on residential, industrial, livestock and public buildings, using modern computer techniques. Graduates are also prepared to carry out renovation and modernization of buildings. They have the necessary knowledge of building materials, organization of production processes.
The graduates of the BSc course in Building and Engineering Structures have the possibility to take 2nd cycle (MSc) course, and, after 2nd cycle course, continue studying for PhD degrees in civil engineering or related disciplines.


7 x 1750 = 12 250 Euro


20th July each year


Szczepan Wolinski, DSc, PhD, Eng., Associate Prof. e-mail: szwolkkb@prz.edu.pl




Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Rzeszow University of Technology

education requirements

A candidate for engineer's degree studies at Building and Engineering Structures should meet the following conditions:
- Secondary School Certificate or any other corresponding document entitling a candidate to start bachelor’s degree studies in his/her mother country
- good English language skills are required.

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