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Why UW?

A high-ranking university

  • 2017 – number 1 in Poland in the ranking published by the national daily Rzeczpospolita and the education monthly Perspektywy.
  • 2016 – the University of Warsaw was declared number 1 in Poland in scientific ranking published by the POLITYKA weekly.
  • best Polish HEI in international rankings.

International cooperation and recognition

  • Ranked number 1 in Erasmus mobility in Poland: „The largest number of mobilities in years 1998-2010 and the impact of the programme on institutional changes, and the image of the university”.
  • Implementation of a model electronic Learning Agreement (e-LA) in Poland.
  • Bilateral cooperation with 381 international partners in 70 countries worldwide.

Numerous fields of study and research to choose

  • There are ca. 200 study programmes and specializations in the Humanities, Earth, Social, and Natural Sciences, including over 20 study programmes taught fully in English.
  • The UW offers 9 double degree Master programmes, ca. 40 doctoral co-tutelle agreements, 3 international MBA programmes and 6 international post-diploma studies.
  • It offers courses of 43 foreign languages as well as Polish courses at the Centre of Polish Language and Culture for Foreigners POLONICUM open during both the academic year and the summer holidays.
  • Every academic year the Open University of the University of Warsaw offers hundreds of courses from various fields of study (incl. language courses) open to the public.
  • Centre for Open and Multimedia Education of the UW offers numerous e-courses in various disciplines and on various levels.

Research centre

  • The UW is one of the leading scientific research centres in Poland, recognized internationally too.
  • There is the biggest scientific and academic grouping in Poland – campus Ochota, University of Warsaw.
  • The UW students have won numerous national and international contests in the fields of computer science mainly, but also in other fields of science as well as in the humanities.
  • Its faculty members and PhD students receive many research grants and participate in both national and international research programmes.
  • Every year faculty members publish about 8 thousand of scientific papers.
  • There is a wide range of laboratories as well as astronomical observatories both in Warsaw and in Chile available to students and researchers of the UW.

Facilities and activities

  • The UW offers a wide range of facilities and activities necessary for every student and researcher, incl. dormitories, libraries, cafes, internet, sport centres, help for persons with disabilities, student clubs, international students assistance, laboratories, health centres etc.
  • The facade of the UW Library building, which resembles a line of open books and includes a roof garden, is one of the most impressive examples of contemporary architecture in Poland.


  • The UW buildings are spread in 3 campuses in various parts of Warsaw (central campus Śródmieście, Ochota & Służew). They consist lecture halls for almost 48,000 students as well as research facilities for over 3,700 academic staff and a large number of dormitories. That is how we get the University city in the Warsaw city.
  • Spread all around Warsaw the University has its „heart” in the centre of the capital of Poland while the central UW campus, the central UW library and its central administration are located exactly on one of the main Warsaw street, very close to the historical Old Town and on the former Royal route, as well as in the near proximity to the main Warsaw shopping and entertainment area.
  • Direct bus, train and plane connections with all bigger towns of Poland and some abroad allow for quick and frequent travel around the country and Europe.
  • Both Warsaw and the University itself offer many cultural options (cinema, theatre, opera, museums, clubs and pubs, concerts, etc.) and sport activities (cycle paths, football stadions, swimming pools, water sports in the river). Proximity of two great forests (one is the Kampinoski National Park) allow for a great escape from the city.


Facts & figures

  • Established in 1816
  • 3,700 academic staff
  • 48,000 students (65% women)


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    Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28, 00-927 Warsaw, Poland
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