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University of Warsaw

Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28 St.
00-927 Warsaw, Poland
phone: +48 22 552 40 43, - 48
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BA Undergraduate Programme in Internal Security




3 years (6 semesters)



ECTS points



The essential learning aim in the degree programme in Internal Security is to satisfy the need for specialist knowledge and practical training of specialists (officers, public servants and advisors) in national security and public order maintenance. The programme significantly enhances the modern range of courses, including courses in English, available at the University of Warsaw, which address challenges faced by a contemporary state. The curriculum was developed to include traditional university education, providing a proper theoretical and methodological background. Learning aims include:
– to prepare qualified public servants (working for the government and local government), ready to manage affairs of the state, local and regional communities and citizens in states of emergency, particularly prepared for crisis management, including in particular nationally and ethnically diverse local communities
– to prepare qualified personnel ensuring security of business, including international business operations, with regard to protection of property and ownership rights, communications protection, etc.
– to prepare qualified personnel for the third sector (non-governmental organisations), which is increasingly involved in local community security, environmental security, training in crime prevention, human rights in states of emergency, activity of cults and extremist groups, etc.
– to support state authorities (including the police, the customs service and the border guard) in upskilling their officers in changing legal environment and in need to carry out an in-depth analysis of emerging threats of a new type (e.g. terrorism, cyberterrorism, environmental threats, illegal migration)
– to provide undergraduate students with basic knowledge in broadly defined social sciences and specialist knowledge necessary to undertake the graduate programme.
A graduate of the Undergraduate Programme in Internal Security will have the knowledge of social and legal issues, thus being able to analyse phenomena related to security on a global, national, regional and local scale. They will know the responsibilities and rules governing central and local government bodies, in particular the bodies responsible for internal security, and their status in the political system. A graduate will have the knowledge in all major fields of national security (e.g. social, constitutional, environmental and cultural security) as well as skills and social competences to employ the knowledge in social conduct and professional practice. A graduate will be able to solve basic professional problems, act independently and responsibly and work in teams. They will have the competences necessary for team management and be able to collect, hierarchise, process and relay information. A graduate should be proficient in a modern foreign language at level B2 as defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages of the Council of Europe. A graduate will also be prepared to undertake the graduate programme.


EU/EFTA citizens 3,000 EUR Non-EU/EFTA citizens 3,000 EUR


First round: from 2018-02-15 to 2018-04-14




Institute of Political Science

education requirements

Candidates are admitted on the basis of submission of required documents. If the number of candidates exceeds a limit of places, candidates will be qualified on the basis of their GPA from all the maturity (secondary education) certificate subjects. A ranking list is established on the basis of the scores obtained by the candidates in descending order of the number of points obtained. The list determines the order of candidates accepted within the limit of places. The final result is the number of points in the range of 0 to 100.
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