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Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology

address: Koszykowa 86 St.
02-008 Warszawa, Poland
phone: +48 22 58 44 590
e-mail:    internet:

MA in Art and Design


Master of Arts


2 years (4 semesters)



ECTS points



The Department of Computer Arts was created in cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.
We educate graduates of various faculties, not only artistic ones. Acceptance is conditional upon skills, knowledge and competence of a candidate, regardless of the academy they have graduated from. The program is fully international and interdisciplinary. We offer a two-year cycle of courses conducted by a team of lecturers and professionals from all over the world. We allow our students to select their specialty courses in the first year of study. We ensure collaboration with real-life project users. All the classes are conducted in English. The graduate project is published in English. We provide contact for our students with the international design community.
Areas of knowledge, skills and integration: IT, Humanities, Art of Design:
–  visual communication design;
–  interdisciplinary, multimedia, integrated design;
–  services design;
–  user-centered design.


Entrance fee:
PJAIT graduates 500 PLN,
other candidates 1000 PLN
First year of studies :
12300 PLN (studies in Polish),
14300 PLN (studies in English)
8500 PLN - extramural weekend


Applications are accepted from May to September


Recruitment office
address: ul. Koszykowa 86, 02-008 Warszawa
phone: +48 22 58 44 590



Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology

education requirements

1st Stage of Qualification:
Aspiration to MA studies is conditional upon holding a BA graduation
diploma from a tertiary institution in line with the Bologna system( diploma is not compulsory).
The PJAIT graduates, who have graduated from its BA studies in the English program and obtained a score higher than 3, shall be accepted to MA studies without entrance examination.
The PJAIT graduates, who have graduated from its BA studies in the Polish program and obtained a score higher than 3, shall be qualified for an interview and need to pass it with a score higher or equal 3.
Other candidates, and those PJAIT graduates who have defended their diplomas and obtained a score of 3, are obliged to present:
1. A portfolio including selected graphic/multimedia/information/communication projects (up to 10 selected projects, described to indicate the used visual/multimedia means, technologies, and tools, project objective, and in case of group projects – the scope of own activity, illustrated in an interactive .pdf of max. 20mb). Portfolio should be sent at email ddress , with the title "Portfolio MA in English".
2. A cover letter including information on the candidate's skills, knowledge and competence, as well as motivation for undertaking the studies in the specialty concerned (concept of MA project), 1 A4 page. It should be sent together with the portolio.
3. Two letters of recommendation (from teachers or employers) or a letter and a BA diploma review. It should be sent together with the portolio.
The presented materials shall be reviewed and evaluated by a commission composed of: an IT expert, a Theoretician, a Designer.
The objective of this part of examination is ensuring that the candidate's skills and knowledge are sufficient to undertake the MA studies.
Evaluation examines:
• readiness to mature and independent design problem-solving;
• design knowledge and workshop skills;
• social competence.
Grading scale 2–5;
Having completed the above part, the candidate may be directed to the second part, or be offered a complementary course.
II stage of qualification:
An interview with one of the teachers leading the project path selected by the candidate, and with the English language teacher. The objective of this interview is assessment of the candidate's communication skills and their readiness to the selected program path.