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Wrocław University of Science and Technology

address: Wybrzeże Wyspiańskiego 27
50-370 Wrocław, Poland
+48 71 320 37 19
+48 71 320 37 11
+48 71 320 31 70
+48 71 320 44 39
e-mail: admission@pwr.edu.pl    internet: www.pwr.edu.pl

MSc in Chemical Technology- Technology of Fine Chemicals




3 or 4 semesters



ECTS points

90 ECTS / 120ECTS


Fine chemicals (FCs) are formulations containing one or more complex chemical substances as active ingredients – serving both an immense range of a purity specification, and ability to deliver a particular effect.
FCs are thus identified according to their custom-designed properties and performance formulations.
FCs’ manufacturers produce a wide range of chemical substances, which are typically of a high added-value and produced in relatively low amounts, mainly by batch processes in multipurpose plants.
Specifically there are following FCs product categories:
• pharmaceutical products (chemical and biological processes),
• plant health products and biocides,
• specialty polymers,
• specialized surfactants and dispersed systems,
• dyes and pigments,
• polymer additives,
• neutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals and food additives,
• nanomaterials,
• catalysts for green chemistry and their applications in technological processes
• organic intermediates and custom-designed products.
Study for applicants without engineering degree lasts 2 years, otherwise 1.5 years only.


Non EU/EFTA students: 2000 EUR per semester
EU/EFTA students: no tuition fee
»» Application fee:
Non EU/EFTA students: 200 EUR
EU/EFTA students see: www.rekrutacja.pwr.edu.pl/en2/ »» Fees


Contact the Unit, please.


Admission Office
Phone: +48 71 320 37 11, +48 71 320 31 70,
+48 71 320 37 19, +48 71 320 44 39
E-mail: admission@pwr.edu.pl




Wroclaw University of Science and Technology

education requirements

-Required: Bachelor or Bachelor Engineering Degree in chemistry or related domains.
Each application is assessed individually on its merits.
If in doubt, please contact the Admission Officer.

other requirements

*condition to start the studies in a given programme is to qualify the number of candidates which equals to at least a full group of students