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Jan Dlugosz University in Czestochowa

address: Waszyngtona 4/8
42-200 Częstochowa
phone: +48 34 378 41 00
e-mail:    internet:

MA in Physical Education
Specialties: 1. Special Performance in Uniformed Services
2. Personal Trainer


Master’s degree (1,2)


3 semesters (1,2)



ECTS points

120 (specialty: 26)


The graduate should have advanced knowledge and skills in medical sciences, health sciences, and the sciences of physical culture in order to understand and manage education and participation in physical culture, including teams of people, self-education and innovation activities and the formulation and resolution of research problems. Graduates should be prepared to work in schools at all levels of education, physical culture institutions, local and state administration, social organizations, scientific and research institutes and institutions dealing with counselling and dissemination of knowledge in the field of physical activity. The graduates should be prepared to run their own business activity, and to undertake third degree studies.
Students who choose the specialty Special performance in uniformed services will receive fitness preparation, motor improvement predisposing to work in military units, police, fire brigade, etc., in the field of physical fitness.
Students who choose the specialty Personal Trainers will receive theoretical and practical training to work with recreational sportsmen and sportswomen. They will be able to organize, plan and monitor the physical effort of active people. They will be able to act as consultants in terms of choosing the type of physical activity and form of training, as well as the way of feeding, taking into account individual needs of the client.


to be determined later


to be determined later




Jan Dlugosz University in Czestochowa, Faculty of Pedagogy

education requirements

Physical Education’s bachelor's degree

other requirements