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Warsaw University of Life Sciences - SGGW

address: Nowoursynowska 166 St.
02-787 Warsaw, Poland
phone: +48 22 593 10 25
e-mail:    internet:

MSc in Economics
Specialisation: Economics and Organization of Enterprises


Master of Science


four semesters for the graduated from the Bachelor Studies




Mission of the Faculty
The mission of the Faculty is to form economists who would understand the contemporary economic world and analyse it using analytical methods. The ability to fully understand the functioning of the local and the global economies are essential for leaders in both the public and private sectors. A good knowledge of the impact that different economic policies, competitive strategies and consumer behaviour have on companies and their environment provides managers a competitive edge.

Mission of the specialization (major)
The aim of this two - year programme is to provide students with broad academic knowledge and to facilitate them to develop skills that would prepare them for careers in the dynamic global business environment. Graduates of the programme will be ready for corporate careers, positions in government and for starting and running their own businesses.

Detailed programme of studies
a) First year: Mathematical Statistics, Forecasting Business Processes, Advanced Macroeconomics, Business Law, Financial and Capital Markets, Managerial Economics, Economics and Organization of Production, Local Finances, Managerial Accounting, International Economy, History of Economic Thought, Mathematical Economy, Insurance systems, Human Resource Management, Methods of Projects' Assessment, Corporate Finance, Master Seminar
b) Second year: Economic Policy of the E.U., Economics of the Natural Environment, Strategic Management with Element of TQM, International Management, Operations Management, European Social Policy, Public Management, Theory of Decision Making, Bioeconomy, Supply Chain Management, Small and Medium Enterprises in EU, Sustainable Rural Development, Corporate Social Responsibility, Thesis elaboration, Master Seminar

Educational outcomes
The graduates are expected to be able to have the capacity to analyse business and economic problems and to devise new strategies and solutions. They are expected to find jobs in central or local administration, institutions working in rural policy of EU, boards of companies operating in sector of food economics, in analysis departments, companies, investment funds, scientific and research institutions.


Tuition Fee: 2200 Euro per one academic year
Registration Fee - 200 Euro (non - refundable)


Faculty of Economic Sciences



Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW

next begins

1st October

education requirements

Completed the first degree of studies
Bachelor in: economy, finance and accountancy, management, logistics.
Duration: four semesters for the graduated from the Bachelor Studies; start: 1st

Qualification based on results from the first degree studies (grade average)
Verified command of English
Number of the place available: 15 to 17.