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Warsaw University of Life Sciences - SGGW

address: Nowoursynowska 166 St.
02-787 Warsaw, Poland
phone: +48 22 593 10 25
e-mail: masterstudies@sggw.pl    internet: www.sggw.pl

MSc in Environmental Protection
Specialisation: Restoration and Management of Environment


Master of Science


three semesters



ECTS points



Mission of the Study
Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineeringaims at providing students with a comprehensive and interdisciplinary environmental knowledge presented by the best specialists from a range of scientific areas from different faculties of Warsaw University of Life Sciences - SGGW.

Aim of the specialization (major)
This specialization has been established to provide its students with understanding of biological processes, legal aspects and management rules of environmental protection, and a range of tools for future specialists who will be capable of securing the good quality of the environment and who will possess skills to solve problems regarding the natural environment on different levels.

Detailed programme of studies
The programme is divided into three semesters. It consists of both lectures and seminar classes/labwork. The detailed list of subjects is as follows:
a) First year: Ecotoxicology, Mathematics and statistics, Environmental policy, Plant adaptation to environmental stresses, Ecological bases of nature conservation, Integrated water resources management and restoration, Hydrogenic soils, Environmental aspect in landscape planning and design, Soil biology, Ecological infrastructure in agricultural landscape, Restoration to ecosystem of wild medicinal plants, Case study of environment restoration - part I, Land and water conservation, Ecological engineering for environmental protection, Soil hazard pollution and protection
b) Second Year: Environmental processes modeling, Conservation and restoration of insects to ecosystem, Environmental aspects of diseases of free living animals, Reforestation, Ecotourism, Risk analysis, Project management, Case study of environment restoration - part II, Diploma seminar.


2200 Euro per one academic year


15 January


Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering
tel.: (+48) 22-593-20-82
e-mail: stanislaw_gawronski@sggw.pl




Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW

next begins

1st March

education requirements

Bachelor degree or equivalent in Environmental Sciences, Biology or Agriculture. Confirmed command of English.
Qualification based on results from the first degree studies (grade average) and on scientific interests.
Verified command of English
Number of the places available: 15 to 17.Bachelor degree or equivalent in Environmental Sciences, Biology or Agriculture. Confirmed command of English.