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Study in Poland - programme

Wroclaw University of Technology

address: Wybrzeże Wyspiańskiego 27
50-370 Wrocław, Poland
+48 71 320 37 19
+48 71 320 37 11
+48 71 320 31 70
+48 71 320 44 39
e-mail: admission@pwr.edu.pl    internet: www.pwr.edu.pl/en

MSc in Computer Engineering


Master of Science


2 years (4 semesters)



ECTS points



The final effect of studies at the Master level is obtaining knowledge, skills and qualifications in accordance with ”Teaching Standards” in the field of Computer Science. Students receive extended knowledge in the area of specialization. Students who finished study will be able to: use various methods and techniques for problems interpreting, formulate and solve specific problems related to computer science, become team work leaders. Additionally they will have obtained fluent and creative knowledge application in the area of specialization, which means mathematical models designing, problems formulating and solving, problem oriented informatics systems analysis and testing.
Programme coordinator: Jan Kwiatkowski, PhD
Faculty of Computer Science and Management


2000 EUR per semester Application fee:
200 EUR for candidates applying on different terms than applicable to Polish citizens
85 PLN for candidates applying on the same terms as applicable to Polish citizens


July 15 October Intake, 30 November February Intake


Admission Office Phone: +48 71 320 37 11,
+48 71 320 31 70,
+48 71 320 37 19,
+48 71 320 44 39
E-mail: admission@pwr.edu.pl




Wroclaw University of Technology

education requirements

Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree, preferably in computer science or in a related area. Applicants with a bachelor degree outside of computer science must demonstrate significant proficiency in computer science. Any area of requirements can be satisfied through courses completed at the bachelor level or by suitable experience.
English- minimum requirements: TOEFL – 550 points or IELTS – 6 points or equivalent as per the University requirements


A student who obtained good results in the first year of study can get a scholarship for deserving in the following year.

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