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University of Lodz

address: ul. Narutowicza 68
90-136 Łódź
phone: +48 42 635 42 37
e-mail: iso@uni.lodz.pl    internet: www.iso.uni.lodz.pl

American Studies - specialization in International Relations, BA


BA in International Relations


6 semesters (3 academic years)



ECTS points



BA program in American Studies provides a solid foundation of knowledge of the United States and the contemporary media in the broad geopolitical and socio-cultural context. It offers a unique and inspiring study experience where students gain a deep understanding of America’s:  global reach and limitations of its economic, political, and cultural impact;  complexity of its domestic historical developments and social transitions;  networked and digital media communication and its corporate practices. Designed to equip students with both critical thinking and practical skills, our American Studies Minor offers a comprehensive and concentrated study program of core courses grouped in 3 modules: 1. History and Politics 2. Culture and Society 3. The Media American Studies Minor program gives you a compelling opportunity to combine learning in, and mastering your, English along with the acquisition of Spanish. American Studies Minor curriculum is taught in an engaging and challenging way in small groups by a team of expert faculty members who pursue a wide range of research interests and are experienced academic teachers. BA American Studies program is geared towards developing both personally and professionally versatile and informed innovators capable of adapting to the dynamics of job markets. Students acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and inspiration to further pursue learning at the Master’s level.


The charge of 2500 PLN/year applies for Polish and the EU/EFTA citizens plus 60 pln registration fee.
2500 EUR/year for students from outside the EU/EFTA, exclusive of an additional 120 EUR charge that covers registration fee.
For students of Polish ancestry the tuition may be reduced by 50%). Please check UL website for updates about payments.


15 July 2017


Department of American Studies and Mass Media
ul. Lindleya 5a, 90-131 Łódź,
tel.: +48 42 635 42 54 | fax: +48 42 635 42 60
e-mail: specamer@uni.lodz.pl




Department of American Studies and Mass Media
Faculty of International and Political Studies

education requirements

A high school diploma, a transcript of records showing the subjects/grades and a certificate of proficiency in English. For detailed information about the admission procedure please visit: www.iso.uni.lodz.pl)

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