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University of Lodz

address: ul. Narutowicza 68
90-136 Łódź
phone: +48 42 635 42 37
e-mail: iso@uni.lodz.pl    internet: www.iso.uni.lodz.pl

BA in Nanotechnology


Bachelor in Nanotechnology


6 semesters (3 academic years)



ECTS points



Nanotechnology is an interdisciplinary science basing on physics, chemistry, material sciences and biology. These independent fields are bind together in the Nanotechnology – a new field of study at the University of Lodz. This field of study is offered as the first-cycle studies i.e. 3 years with two terms per a study year (30 weeks of study per year) with English as the main study language. The alumnus profile assumes that a student with a Bachelor's Degree obtained after completing all mandatory courses is able to undertake laboratory/experimental work in the field of nanotechnology, Physics or Chemistry. He should be also able to continue his education at the second-cycle studies in order to obtain the Master of Science Degree in any university worldwide. During year one a student takes courses which allow him to understand and describe the macroscopic world, in particular, the fundamentals of Physics and Chemistry. A student also increases his knowledge in the field of Mathematics and Statistics. Finally, a course on Introduction to Nanotechnology allows him to understand basic concepts and terminology used in nano-science. The knowledge gained during theoretical courses is deepened through practical training which includes Physics and Chemistry laboratories. A student also learns how to analyse and present data. He also takes an extensive programming course which gives him a solid base for programming courses realised during year two. During year two a student takes courses which allow him to understand nano-world. He learns Quantum Physics, Physics and Chemistry of Surfaces, Crystallography and obtains basic the knowledge of Nanostructures. He takes a course in Experimental Methods in NanoScience during which he learns about the methods of nanostructures’ characterization. He also increases his knowledge in the field of Mathematics, Organic Chemistry and gets familiarized with some aspects of Biochemistry, Thermodynamics and Electronics. The knowledge gained during theoretical courses is deepened during practical trainings which include laboratories in the field of nanotechnology, electronics, numerical data analysis and data visualization. In this year a student creates his own nanomaterial and performs its fundamental analysis. During year three a student increases his knowledge of nano-world and learns about the problems and practical applications of nano materials. In particular, he takes courses in Semiconductors, Modern Electronics, new 0D, 1D and 2D Materials. Safety and Health problems related to nanomaterials handling are discussed with the student. He also learns about Economic Aspects of Nanotechnology. His mathematical knowledge is extended by the course in Calculation Methods in Nano-Science. These courses are accompanied by laboratories of nanotechnology and computational methods.


2500 EUR


15 July 2017


Faculty of Physics and Applied Informatics,
University of Lodz
Adress: ul. Pomorska 149/153 90-139 Lodz, Poland
E-mail: climatology@uni.lodz.pl




Faculty of Physics and Applied Informatics, University of Lodz

education requirements

A high school diploma, a transcript of records showing the subjects/grades and a certificate of proficiency in English for foreigners (unless the secondary education was taught in English) are required. For detailed information about the admission procedure please visit: www.iso.uni.lodz.pl

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