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Lublin University of Technology

address: 38D Nadbystrzycka St.
20-618 Lublin, Poland
phone: + 48 81 538 47 03
+ 48 81 538 43 57
e-mail: lut.international@pollub.pl    internet: www.pollub.pl

Civil Engineering/Engineering Structures and Ecological Engineering


MSc in Civil Engineering


3 semesters



ECTS points



Design and execute complex residential buildings, municipal and industrial facilities, prepare for the diagnostics and repairs of building facilities.
Studies allow students to obtain extensive knowledge within a particular masters specialization. A graduate is prepared to solve complex engineering problems, develop and implement research projects, undertake activities at the international level, participate in the research of the disciplines directly and indirectiy related to construction. A graduate may take up employment in design offices, construction companies, research centers, technical assistance organizations. They are prepared to improve continuously qualifications and complement knowledge as well as to undertake the third-cycle studies (doctoral studies). After undergoing the appropriate internship, they have the possibility to obtain fuli license to design and implement in such specialties as: dvii engineering structures, bridge and road construction, which allows them to perform independent technical f unctions in construction industry.


1000 EUR/sem. 3000 EUR/prog.


Please follow the website: http://en.pollub.pl/en/candidates/full-degree-studies/studies-in-english


Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture
Lublin University of Technology
Nadbystrzycka 40
20-618 Lublin
Dean’s Office:
Ground floor, New Wing, rooms 102-104
Head: Jadwiga Łukasik
tel. +48 81 538 44 55, email: j.lukasik@pollub.pl
Urszula Aldona Marquez-Skóra, Dorota Lenkiewicz, Elżbieta Milanowska,
Joanna Wiśniewska-Baran
tel. +48 81 538 44 56, email: wb.dziekanat@pollub.pl




Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Lublin University of Technology

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