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Lublin University of Technology

address: 38D Nadbystrzycka St.
20-618 Lublin, Poland
phone: + 48 81 538 47 03
+ 48 81 538 43 57
e-mail: lut.international@pollub.pl    internet: www.pollub.pl

Management: Entrepreneurship and Marketing


MSc in Management


4 semesters



ECTS points



Candidates must be graduates of first degree academic studies awarded with a Bachelor or Engineer diploma (or its local equivalent). Especially welcome are graduates of management, economics, engineering, computer science, mathematics and statistics. This specialty lasts for 4 semesters (the first cycle of education starts in October 2017), 30 ECTS each and complies with the European standards.
The required level of knowledge of English is specified in general admission conditions.
The Entrepreneurship and Marketing students will be able to learn about modern management in many aspects including: strategic management, macroeconomics, finance and accounting, human resources management, production planning, legal issues of running business, ethics in business, marketing, advertising, quantitative methods, applications of IT in business.
Our teaching staff consists of specialists of multiple fields of management science as well as of law, computer science and applied mathematics. Many lecturers have also practical experience in business and consulting.
The specialty is intended to educate managers-to-be who can successfully face the challenges of the rapidly changing world including globalization processes as well as the impact of modern IT technologies. The educational process is not restricted to teach the graduates to act in the economically efficient way only. The overall approach to management education also includes the issues of social responsibility, ethics and sustainable development.


800 EUR/sem. 3200 EUR/prog.


Please follow the website: http://en.pollub.pl/en/candidates/full-degree-studies/studies-in-english


Postal address: Nadbystrzycka 38 D,
20 – 618 Lublin, Poland E-mail: lut.international@pollub.pl




Faculty of Management, Lublin University of Technology

education requirements

Candidates must be graduates of first degree academic studies awarded with a Bachelor or Engineer diploma (or its local equivalent).