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Rzeszow University of Technology

address: Al. Powstańców Warszawy 12, 35-959 Rzeszów
phone: +48 17 865 12 92
e-mail: ulak@prz.edu.pl    internet: www.prz.edu.pl

MSc in Mathematics: specialization Application of Mathematics in Economics




4 semesters



ECTS points



The Faculty of Mathematics and Applied Physics offers degree at the level of Master of Science (MSc), which requires two years of study including advanced courses and a Master's thesis. All credits cited are according to the European Community Course Credit Transfer System (ECTS).
The Master's degree in Mathematics (in Applications of Mathematics in Economics) has a prescribed duration of two years of full-time study, corresponding to 120 ECTS credits.
The number of contact hours during the studies for a MSc degree is 1250.
A completed Master’s degree programme provides graduates with the title Master of Science in Mathematics.
In order to obtain a MSc degree the students are obliged to: complete the subjects included in the programme (120 ECTS credits), prepare and defend a MSc thesis.


4 x 1750 = 7 000 Euro
Accepted candidates will be charged 200 Euro of administrative costs.


20th July or 15th February each year


Dorota Jakubczyk, PhD,
e-mail: djak@prz.edu.pl




The Faculty of Mathematics and Applied Physics

education requirements

The BSc or equivalent degree in Mathematics and good English language skills are required. The admission decision will be undertaken by the selection committee.

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