Somebody, using the name “Jen Lehman” has recently unlawfully pretended to represent “Study in Poland” recruiting students to Polish universities. Beware the person HAS NO RIGHT to use or refer to website www.studyinpoland.pl

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Rzeszow University of Technology

address: Al. Powstańców Warszawy 12, 35-959 Rzeszów
phone: +48 17 865 12 92
e-mail: ulak@prz.edu.pl    internet: www.prz.edu.pl

MSc in Computer Engineering: specializations Software Engineering




20th July or 15th February each year



ECTS points



The Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers an opportunity to study Computer Engineering at MSc level. The courses are divided into two specializations: Software Engineering and Tele-Information Systems. The undergraduate who decide to choose the Software Engineering specialization obtains the broad knowledge in the field of modern software systems development, analysis and programming.
The graduate is trained to work with and lead a group of people and apply knowledge to new situations. The program prepares a student to undertake its own business activity or become an employee in industry, research & development units or in administration and managing offices. The student is taught to carry on with permanent self-education to improve professional knowledge.


3 x 1750 = 5 250 Euro
Accepted candidates will be charged 200 Euro of administrative costs.


Slawomir Samolej, PhD, Eng., Associate Prof.
e-mail: ssamolej@prz.edu.pl




Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering

education requirements

A candidate for master’s studies should meet the following conditions:
finished 1st cycle engineering studies or obtained equivalent degree in Computer Science (minimum 7 semesters duration),
good English language skills are required.

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