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Wyższe Szkoły Bankowe

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About WSB Group

WSB Universities make up the largest group of business schools in Poland. They are present in 9 locations across Poland: Bydgoszcz, Chorzów, Gdańsk, Gdynia, Opole, Poznań, Szczecin, Toruń, and Wrocław.

WSB Universities – Poland’s favorites!

The top quality of WSB Universities has been confirmed for many years by consistently high positions in HEI rankings published by the most prestigious Polish journals and newspapers e.g. Newsweek, Polityka, Rzeczposoplita, Perspektywy, Home&Market, Dlaczego and Wprost.

No. 1 choice in higher education

According to a report by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the WSB Universities are Poland’s no. 1 choice among part-time students.

Trust big schools

Over 270,000 students and alumni have already trusted WSB Universities. WSB Universities are valued highly by employers. In the 2014 ranking by the Wprost weekly, major employers rated WSB Universities the highest among Poland’s business schools.

Your investment in good education

Although WSB Universities do charge tuition fees they try to keep them very reasonable. This makes it possible for us to provide our students with quality instruction and everything they need to enjoy their study experience: best teaching staff, state-of the-art infrastructure and facilities, large book collections, Internet access, etc. In addition, our students can apply for a number of scholarships.

Hands-on learning

The WSB Group places most emphasis on the practical aspect of education. Our curricula are consulted with experts and practitioners from relevant sectors and industries. Our students are privileged by ample opportunities to build up their professional experience, including internships, traineeships as well as a rich variety of training courses and workshops organized by our Careers Offices.

Your studies – your capital

Studying in a business school should be seen as an investment in professional development. We do our best to ensure the tuition fee is affordable for our students. In addition, a variety of scholarships are available to make your study cost you even less.

Formula for success

How do we do it? The answer is simple: we enhance and expand our program offerings on a continuous basis, we work closely with businesses and foreign higher education institutions, and we watch the developments in the job market to be able to immediately respond to arising needs.

Opinions of WSB students

When I first arrived in Poznań, I could speak no Polish except these three phrases: ‘Hello’, ‘Good bye’, and ‘Thank you’. I was afraid of how I would be able to cope with the language and life here. I didn’t know anybody. My family was in Russia, far away from me. Yet I was determined to stay and start mu higher education program in Poznań. The initial months were tough, but it wasn’t long that I made new friends. They helped me accommodate, and the feeling of being alone and homesick wasn’t that terrible any more.

Ms Dagmara Lis
WSB student

Why I chose this university? Because it’s friendly to its students. Imagine a school that shows you exactly what your job will be like when you graduate? It’s true about my WSB. My teachers work in different industries themselves, and they can tell us everything from their own experience. For those who want more, there are work placements and internships available with major companies. This gives you a real head start for your professional career.

Ms Paulina Barłowska
WSB student

I first heard of the WSB University in Chorzów when a couple of its students visited my lyceum school. They gave a workshop on effective mnemonics. They also told us about some student initiatives. What really impressed me about the school was not so much its professional approach to teaching as its commitment to enabling students – helping them pursue their interests and organize events involving big names from the world of business, politics, marketing, and sports.

Mr Daniel Ilnicki
WSB alumnus

Like most of my classmates, I work and study. I wouldn’t perhaps be able to make a step ahead and start searching for steady employment if the classes weren’t scheduled so conveniently. I’m still in the program then, upgrading my skill level to become a better professional.

Mr Mateusz Kciuk
WSB alumnus

Facts & figures

  • Higher education programs that stay on top of the requirements of the labor market and the workplace: 75 Bachelor’s and Master’s programs accredited by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education
  • A total of 455 majors and concentrations available at Bachelor and Master level
  • 370 postgraduate professional courses on offer
  • MBA and Executive MBA programs
  • Training courses and language courses
  • University of the Third Age