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Lublin University of Technology

Politechnika Lubelska

  address: 38D Nadbystrzycka St.
20-618 Lublin, Poland
phone: + 48 81 538 46 53, + 48 81 538 43 57
e-mail: lut.international@pollub.pl
internet: www.pollub.pl

Lublin University of Technology is a major education centre and an advisory unit in the city of Lublin, capital of Lublin Province, located in south eastern part of Poland – a lovely green country, including 2 national parks and 17 landscape parks.

The university actively participates in social and economic life, thus playing an important role in integrating and creating culture. Its scientific and educational activities significantly contribute to the development of the region.

Currently LUT employs over 1100 staff, including over 530 academic teachers, and over 10 000 students study at the university at six faculties: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Faculty of Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Management, Faculty of Fundamentals of Technology and Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Eastern Innovative Centre of Architecture creates educational research basis and innovative laboratories for IT technologies used in architecture, urban and spatial planning, while Central Laboratory of Implementation supplies specialized equipment for conducting certified research and measurement work.

LUT offers more than 200 courses for exchange students conducted in English. App. 300 Ukrainian students study at LUT in Polish. Teaching programs at LUT aim at an interdisciplinary approach. We offer a broad curriculum, including many of the traditional academic fields, a wide range of modular courses and courses in English for international students.

Graduates of full time bachelor studies receive the university degree of engineer, engineer architect or bachelor, which entitles them to start work or continue studies in the framework of master’s programme. Graduates of master’s studies receive MSc, MSc engineer, MSc engineer architect degree or equivalent, and can continue education at doctoral studies.


LUT has four Halls of Residence, all of them situated on campus area, close to the faculties and university infrastructure. Students are offered triple rooms, equipped with washbasins. On the corridors there are: a shared bathroom and a kitchen. Each floor has a separate laundry room. Most rooms have direct Internet access.

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Facts & figures

  • Founded in 1953
  • 530 academic staff
  • 10000 students
  • 300 foreign students


Phone: + 48 81 538 46 53, + 48 81 538 43 57
email: lut.international@pollub.pl
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