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Czestochowa University of Technology

Politechnika Częstochowska

  address: 69 Dabrowskiego St.,
42-201 Czestochowa, Poland
phone: +48 34 325 04 02
e-mail: iso@adm.pcz.pl
internet: www.pcz.pl

Czestochowa University of Technology (CUT) is the oldest and the largest higher education institution in the region with full academic rights.

In nationwide rankings of the state institutions of higher education, we are among the top universities in Poland of a similar profile.

CUT has a reputation for being a modern and well-equipped school which offers a wide range of courses and a high level of education.

At the moment it has about 10,000 students at the six faculties. Students can choose from over 100 specialities in 27 fields of study.

Faculties on Czestochowa University of Technology:

  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science,
  • Faculty of Production Engineering and Materials Technology,
  • Faculty of Management,
  • Faculty of Infrastructure and Environment,
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering,
  • Faculty of Civil Engineering.

Thanks to its academic staff and the quality of their research, Czestochowa University of Technology has an established position on the scientific maps of both Poland and Europe.

The University runs a wide range of activities at an international level, including scientific and educational programmes.

All the engineering fields of studies are accredited by the European Federation of National Engineering Associations (FEANI), which means that graduates of the Czestochowa University of Technology can be awarded the title „European Engineer”.

Czestochowa University of Technology has at its disposal great educational facilities and a com-prehensive student infrastructure, modern laboratories and lecture halls, three dormitories, its own publishing house and a new main library as well as separate faculty libraries. There also is the Academic Centre for Culture and Sports with its rich offer.

Established in 2003, the Promotion and Careers Guidance Centre helps students and alumni in the transition from studies to employment, arranging presentations by and meetings with prospective employers.

Czestochowa is situated in the south of Poland just 120 km north of Cracow and 240 km south of capital city – Warsaw and lies in the picturesque Cracow – Czestochowa Upland, offering great opportunities for different forms of active tourism. It is an ideal city for students. The cost of living and accommodation is relatively low in comparison with other cities.

Facts & figures

  • Established in 1949
  • 10 000 students
  • 800 academic staff
  • 70 000 graduates


Czestochowa University of Technology
International Student Office:
69 Dabrowskiego St., room 125, 42-201 Częstochowa, Poland
phone: +48 34 325 04 02
e-mail: iso@adm.pcz.pl
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