MSc in Construction and Exploitation of Means of Transport specialization: Product Engineering


Area of Studies

engineering, technology



Degree (in English)

Master of Science Engineer

  • English
Course Duration

3 semesters

ECTS points



Poznan University of Technology

Tuition and Other Fees

EU candidates, Polish Charter - free of charge
Non EU candidates - 6900 PLN for 1st semester and 6000 PLN for each consecutive semester

Application Deadline(s)

Deadline: 30.11.2019

Course Description

Course Profile
The course is intended for mechanical engineers who want to broaden their education by issues connected with managing an industrial product in its whole life cycle, starting from design and finishing in disposal (cradle to grave approach). Environmental, economic and social impacts of any products’ existence must all be considered in a path to create goods suitable for future, sustainable economy.
Everything that is available at the global market, both goods and services, is also a subject to the global competition. Therefore, a strong focus in the course is put on the marketing approach to a product, understanding that not only technical requirements stated by potential customers are the source of a products’ market status. Interdisciplinary, multiaspect thinking is necessary in the work of a successful product manager.
Faculty of Transport Engineering Machines and Transport offers an unique study programme aimed at educating engineers for the needs of sustainable economy. The Faculty has long lasting experience in teaching and high scientific potential in means of qualified staff and exceptional research equipment.
Adding the ongoing cooperation with best European educational and R&D institutions, it all provides with conditions for high-level technical education
Education Requirements
Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in engineering or applied sciences, with a qualification in mechanical engineering.
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