MSc in Horticulture: Horticultural Production or Green Areas Shaping


Area of Studies

agricultural sciences



Degree (in English)


  • English
Course Duration

1,5 year semester

ECTS points



Faculty of Life Sciences and Technology

Tuition and Other Fees

6900 PLN/ semester

Application Deadline(s)

31st of January

Course Description

Course Profile

Horticulture Master Course provides students with in-depth knowledge in sustainable horticulture, landscape shaping and environment protection. The programme presents biological and environmental background in cultivation of high quality horticultural plants in sustainable, integrated and organic systems. During the education process the student learns how to perform research in the field of instrumental analysis, data processing with various computer techniques. The student is able to process and analyse the research results, present the knowledge in specific field of horticulture. Furthermore, the courses presents quality management techniques in production and the basics in work organization. On specialized level, the student is able to use research and analysis techniques. On the professional level, he is able to make independent decisions in horticulture business. The candidate while enrolling to the course decides if he wants to follow the programme for one of the specialities: Green Areas Shaping or Horticultural Production.

Education Requirements
Diploma of engineer in similar or the same field of study
English B2 level