MSc in Automation, Cybernetics and Robotics
specialization: Computer Control Systems


Area of Studies

engineering, technology



Degree (in English)

Master of Science in Engineering

  • English
Course Duration

2 years (4 semesters)

ECTS points



Gdańsk University of Technology, Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics

Tuition and Other Fees

8 600 PLN per semester

Application Deadline(s)


Course Description

Course Profile
Courses focus on the most important topics of modern control theory, such as optimal control, stochastic control, robust control, fuzzy control and adaptive control, as well as on the problems of systems identification and adaptive signal processing. They provide knowledge allowing one to design high-performance, flexible and robust digital control systems for a wide range of applications.
Career opportunities:
Graduates are qualified to work as chief control engineers, members of the research and development staff, designers of management and economics, free traders or managers in industrial companies. In a natural way they also make good candidates for doctoral (PhD) studies.
Education Requirements
Bachelor (or equivalent) degree confirming completion of 1st cycle (undergraduate) studies. Background in maths and physics, technical education at university level strongly recommended.


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Phone number: +48 58 348 65 78 or +48 58 347 28 28