Bachelor in Management and Marketing (Full time bachelor program)


Area of Studies

business studies and management sciences



Degree (in English)


Course Duration

6 semesters semester

ECTS points



Wrocław University of Economics

Application Deadline(s)

30 june

Course Description

Course Profile
Management is an English-language specialization designed for students interested in acquiring knowledge, skills and competences which are essential for managing business organizations. The study program allows them to get to know the business functions and processes crucial for successful contemporary organization management. It covers all the basic courses in the field of management that are offered by other renowned universities in Poland and abroad. The possibility of studying in English gives students an additional opportunity to train the business vocabulary, to improve the professional skills and to prepare themselves to apply for a job in Polish or foreign companies and institutions operating internationally or globallys.
he study program includes almost 60 different courses. They are divided into the general courses, like information technology, statistics, civil & commercial law, managerial accounting, microeconomics, sociology or European Union functioning and the field courses, like principles of management, principles of marketing, organizational behaviour, marketing research, marketing management, consumer behaviour, brand management, project management, logistics management, business plan, customer relationship management and human resources management, sales management, innovation management, e-commerce, public relations, corporate social responsibility or team management. Students can also choose the specialization courses, foreign language courses and seminars.
Forms of teaching
There are over 1900 class hours provided for students during three years of study. Students participate in lectures, workshops, laboratories and seminars conducted by highly qualified and experienced academic teachers. The interactive teaching methods like multimedia presentations, case studies, group discussions, group projects and practical examples are used during the classes. The special course for training study skills and professional internship are also provided.
• person who study on a fee-paying basis: EUR 2500/academic year
• person who study on the basis applicable to Polish nationals: PLN 1000/ semester
Education Requirements
Eligibility to study at university level, language skills


Coordinator: dr hab. prof. UE Jarosław Woźniczka