Aquaculture: Business and Technology, BA


Area of Studies

business studies and management sciences



Degree (in English)


  • English
Course Duration

3 years (6 semesters) semester

ECTS points



University of Gdansk: Faculty of Oceanography and Geography

Tuition and Other Fees

Application Deadline(s)

Recruitment until the end of August/September

Course Description

Course Profile
Aquaculture: Business and Technology at the Faculty of Oceanography and Geography, University of Gdansk is an interdisciplinary course in natural sciences and expertise taken from agriculture, forestry and veterinary medicine.

Candidate for BA Aquaculture: Business and Technology should be interested in natural-social sciences, oriented on developing and designing water environment.

Studies on Aquaculture: Business and Technology will be practical, and students will acquire their first professional experiences during two 7-week internships in companies connected with broadly defined aquaculture.

The main goal of teaching on Aquaculture: Business and Technology is training for careers at companies and science laboratories connected with aquaculture, as well as highly specialized administrative staff taking care of aquaculture business. Students will develop knowledge and practical skills during classes of biology, physiology of breeding organisms (fish, invertebrates and algae), food processing, aquaculture products and its. The content of education also include legal aspects of aquaculture and the basics of business management.
Education Requirements
Secondary School Diploma
Language certificate in English (at least B2 level)


International Office
ul. Jana Bazynskiego 8
80-309 Gdansk, Poland
+48 58 523 3171,

Non-EU students +48 58 523 2556

EU students +48 58 523 2531