College of Economics and Computer Science (WSEI)

Wyższa Szkoła Ekonomii i Informatyki w Krakowie (WSEI)


ul. Św. Filipa 17,
31-150 Krakow, Poland

phone +48 12 431 18 90

The College of Economics and Computer Science (WSEI) was founded in 2000, and simultaneously entered the register of non-state institutions of higher education. WSEI was founded by an initiative of Consulting and Training Institute Ltd, a well-established consulting and training company in Cracow. The Institute was backed by their stronghold in industry-orientation which also drove them to develop the career focused academic programs that are now offered at WSEI.

WSEI has always actively delved in the industry and business sector, with an active Board of Industry Advisors and multiple partnerships with successful companies, business leaders as well as industry and professional organizations. This long-lasting commitment to supplying high quality professionals to local and international companies has resulted in WSEI’s recognition among businesses as an excellent practice-oriented institution of higher education.

Currently WSEI offers degree programmes in Business Administration and Computer Science. WSEI also offers a multidisciplinary preparation programme for students and industry professionals alike with courses ranging from English, Polish, Business, and Programming. Application queries can be forwarded to


Facts & figures

  • Establishment of the school in 2000
  • Campus in the historic center of Krakow
  • Number of graduates > 6000
  • Career Orientation
  • Graduates that are ready to work
  • Project-based learning (PBL)
  • Fun while creating
  • Designing innovation
  • Targeted programs


  • Whatsapp: +48 517 720 223