6-year Doctor of Medicine Programme (M.D.)


Area of Studies

medical sciences



Degree (in English)

Doctor of Medicine (uniform Master’s Degree)

  • English
Course Duration

6 years, 12 semesters

ECTS points



Faculty of Medicine, Medical University of Gdańsk

Tuition and Other Fees

Tuition fee for the first to the sixth year of study 44 000 PLN per year,
Orientation Week fee 3 000 PLN https://admission.mug.edu.pl/1447.html

Application Deadline(s)

16.03. 2020 - 17.07.2020

Course Description

Course Profile

Candidates from around the world have an opportunity to apply for the 6-year M.D. Programme at English Division, Faculty of Medicine at the Medical University of Gdańsk. The extended curriculum is based on strict European and US standards. Upon graduation, students receive a diploma of Medical Doctor (M.D.) and can apply for a license to practice medicine.

Programme starts with obligatory Orientation Week on September. The possibility to submit applications for the Fall 2019 recruitment will be launched on March.

Education Requirements

Candidates have to be at least High School graduates and are admitted on basis of their position on the ranking list. The position on the ranking list is based on the total amount of points achieved in the following:

1. The number of points calculated from their grades recorded in the official high school transcript/maturity certificate. Two grades out of the following four subjects are required and taken for evaluation: Biology (obligatory) and Chemistry, Physics or Mathematics. Each of two required subjects has to be taught at the advanced level;
2. The number of points achieved during obligatory entrance exam in biology and chemistry at the High School level which is organized by the University. It will take a place either at Medical University of Gdańsk on 30th of July 2019 or at the selected location co-organized by official MUG recruitment partners (see website). Entrance exam consists of written part (MCQ test – for topics, example questions see website),
3. and if necessary (Admission Committee’s decision), interview based on English language proficiency, motivation and predisposition for medical profession and the knowledge of selected subjects. Candidates with IB Diploma are selected on the basis of their scores from IB Diploma in biology HL (obligatory) and one selected subject from: chemistry, physics and mathematics HL, as well as score from an interview (see above). If candidate passed the subjects at the SL, mentioned above written part of entrance exam is required.

Candidates have the possibility to apply via University Admissions Office www.admission.mug.edu.pl or via official MUG partners (recruitment companies).


Admissions Office
Anna Kiszka, Paulina Zwolinska
e-mail: admission@gumed.edu.pl
phone: + 48 58 349 13 90
Medical University of Gdańsk
Admissions Office
al. Zwyciestwa 41/42
80-210 Gdansk