Area of Studies

medical sciences



Degree (in English)

Lekarz (Medical Doctor, MD)

  • English
Course Duration

6-year Medical Programme (12 semesters)

ECTS points



Faculty of Medicine – English Division, Medical University of Warsaw

Tuition and Other Fees

13 900 EUR – 1st year

13 700 EUR – 2nd year and up

Application Deadline(s)

June 30, 2022

Course Description

Course Profile

The 6-year Medical Program is a full-time long-cycle program for high school graduates and college/university graduates. All teaching and medical training is conducted in English. Students earn the standard European requirement of 5700 hours and 360 ECTS credits and graduate with the professional title of Medical Doctor (MD). The diploma is recognized by the EU, UK, US, Canada and most other countries worldwide.

The first three years are pre-clinical studies (lectures and seminars). In clinical years (4th, 5th and 6th year), students receive clinical training in the MUW teaching hospitals, Medical Simulation Center, and internships. Medical students are also expected to acquire 660 hours of clinical training (clerkships) in the summer breaks. It is an integral part of the medical program and a prerequisite to obtaining an MD diploma.

Students interested in writing the USMLE (the United States Medical Licensing Examination) Step I are eligible once they have completed the 3-year pre-clinical curriculum. Upon completion of the 3-year clinical training, students can sit the USMLE Step II.

Education Requirements

Candidates from around the world, including Poland, have an opportunity to apply for the 6-year Medical Program at the Medical University of Warsaw. To apply to the Medical University of Warsaw 6-year Medical Program, register online via our Online Recruitment System (ORS).

 At Medical University of Warsaw (MUW) admissions to the 6-year Medical Program is assessed based on the following two criteria:

- your final grades on your high school-leaving examination certificate (high school diploma) in Biology (obligatory), Chemistry (obligatory) and Physics or Mathematics (one of your choice). If you do not have the required grades, you can take an exam in such a subject. We organise exams in biology, chemistry and physics.
Are you finishing high school this year? If YES – you can participate in recruitment earlier, but you must submit predicted grades.

- your score in the MUW competency test. We also have a separate recruitment path for those with BMAT/MCAT/UKCAT/GAMSAT results. If your results are at the expected level, you do not need to write the MUW competency test.

If English isn't your first language, you have to prove English language proficiency. You will have to provide a language certificate at the requested level. The candidates from Poland and from Scandinavian countries may use their final grades in English if these are at the required level.

Candidates holding a BSc (Bachelor of Science) or MSc (Master of Science) degree  will be qualified based on the transcript. If your GPA is at the expected level, you do not need to write the MUW competency test. Remember, however, that you are applying for the 6-year Medical Program. University does not conduct an advanced program for BSc or MSc holders.

Learn more about terms and conditions, and register on the website for Candidates: https://ed.wum.edu.pl/candidates/

Other Requirements

MUW competency test:

The MUW competency test is a multiple-choice test in reasoning and critical thinking in premedical sciences. The test verifies the candidate’s analytical skills and ability to solve problems logically. It is based on factual knowledge of biology, chemistry, medicine foundations and mathematics at the high school level and doesn’t require special teaching or preparation.

You take the test online on the examination platform. The time you take the test will be fitted to your time zone.

Learn more: https://ed.wum.edu.pl/candidates/step-3-competency-test/


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