BSc in Electronics and Telecommunications-Computer Engineering


Area of Studies

engineering, technology



Degree (in English)

First-cycle degree programme

  • English
Course Duration

7 semesters

ECTS points



Faculty of Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunications

Tuition and Other Fees

1750 EUR

Application Deadline(s)

Summer time (June -September)

Course Description

Course Profile

Full-time, 1st cycle studies (B.Sc.) are seven semesters long and finish with a presentation of a diploma dissertation (an engineering project). The graduate is awarded an Engineer degree (being an equivalent of a Bachelor of Science degree) in Electronics and Telecommunications.

The graduates of the first cycle of studies in Electronics and Telecommunications acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills essential for designing, building, practical application and exploitation of electronic circuits, equipment and telecommunications systems, networks and services. Education is based on courses providing the future electronics and telecommunications engineers with theoretical knowledge and practical competences that can be employed for modern technologies (telecommunications, computer networks, computer-aided designing, computer programming and tools) and also for creating new technologies.

The programme creates an opportunity for the students to participate in some basic and general courses and gain extensive education and practice. In the future this knowledge will allow them to actively participate in the economic life and conduct their own independent activities.

Education Requirements


  • curriculum vitae
  • scan of a secondary school-leaving certificate with legalization (or an apostille) entitling to apply for admission to degree programmes at universities of any type in the country where the document was issued
  • scan of a supplement with grades together with a scale of grades confirmed by the school or an authorised institution
  • scan of an official document confirming knowledge of the language in which the studies will be conducted (Polish or English)
  • scan of a passport page with a photo and personal data
  • scan of a photo in an official outfit on a light background


Programme details - contact:
Faculty of Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunications

Jacek Kołodziej, PhD


Recruitment details - contact:

Department for International Students

phone: +48 12 617 50 92