MSc in Geophysics: Applied Geophysics


Area of Studies

engineering, technology



Degree (in English)


  • English
Course Duration

3 semesters – 1.5 years (including Master thesis writing)


AGH University of Science and Technology

Tuition and Other Fees

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Application Deadline(s)

Winter qualification (December 2018/ February 2019) for academic year 2020/2021

Course Description

Course Profile

The aims of study are:
1. Transfer of advanced knowledge in the field of science and earth sciences and a wide expertise in the field of general and applied geophysics necessary to solve the tasks of advanced geophysical and geological engineering.
2. Possession of skills necessary for planning and design, optimization and implementation of the use of geophysical instrumentation. Possession of data processing skills and geological interpretation of geophysical data using modern geophysical programs, as well as acquiring the skills in the presentation of research results and synthetic using strictly technical and scientific language. Preparing students for the planning and execution of geophysical monitoring of the environment in time and space, to assess the geophysical natural hazards induced by human activities and geophysical prospecting surveys.
3. Preparing students to project management, management reporting to the staff, together with representatives of other disciplines, including the factual and legal circumstances-economic and ethical behaviour.
After finishing study, on the basis of the acquired knowledge in the field of science and earth sciences and advanced geological and geophysical knowledge, the graduate can independently manage, plan, implement and interpret geophysical surveys over a wide environmental, and economic exploration.
After graduation, graduate can continue their education at postgraduate study or at a PhD study (III degree of education).

Education Requirements

BSc in a cognate discipline or equivalent document, appropriate knowledge of English


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