MSc in Mechatronic Engineering: Mechatronics Design


Area of Studies

engineering, technology



Degree (in English)

Second-cycle (Master)

  • English
Course Duration

3 semesters – 1.5 years (including Master thesis writing) The study starts with Spring semester

ECTS points



AGH University of Science and Technology, Kraków, Poland

Application Deadline(s)

February 2021 for academic year of 2020/2021

Course Description

Course Profile

Designing mechatronic products requires a dedicated approach including: interdisciplinary design, market related constraints, multifunctionality, user-friendly operation and minimization of the cost of the whole product operation period. Thus, designers who create mechatronic products should possess comprehensive interdisciplinary knowledge, ability to co-operate in an interdisciplinary designing team as well as team management skills of how to use the up-to-date tools of computer aided engineering. Additionally, they should know how to schedule and carry out the prototyping of mechatronic systems.

Mechatronic Design is based on a project-oriented type of studying, including co-operation in project teams. Such approach leads to better understanding of specific nature of mechatronic design process and to learn techniques of how to solve interdisciplinary design problems. The study program consists of courses on design of mechanical, electronic and control systems, as well as techniques of software and hardware application. During the classes students learn how to use dedicated software tools as well as testing equipment in the process of designing and prototyping of the complex mechatronic systems.

The specialty courses concern problems of designing of embedded systems as well as microsystems (MEMS).

Education Requirements

BSc in a cognate discipline or equivalent document, appropriate knowledge of English

Candidates who apply for the second-cycle degree programme (Master level) Mechatronic Engineering with English as a language of instruction may be admitted only if they:

I. have completed equivalent first-cycle degree studies (Bachelor level) with the following requirements:

·      not less than 18 ECTS of Mathematics,

·      not less than 12 ECTS of Physics.

·      not less than 30 ECTS of other basic science courses,

·      not less than 25 ECTS of courses devoted to the development of design skills including capstone design course,

·      not less than 2 credits of non-technical subjects (humanities, economic and social courses),

II. successfully complete entrance examination (minimum 50%) or entrance examination for foreigners, who apply for admission on the basis of the AGH UST Rector’s decision.

The examination includes questions verifying programme learning outcomes defined for the first-cycle degree studies in AGH UST Mechatronic Engineering with English as a language of instruction.

 A set of exam problems is available at:


Wojciech Lisowski, dr hab. inż.