MSc in Electrical Engineering: Smart Grids Technology Platform


Area of Studies

business studies and management sciences



Degree (in English)

Second-cycle degree programme

  • English
Course Duration

3 semesters

ECTS points



Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automatics, Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering

Tuition and Other Fees

2100 EUR

Application Deadline(s)

winter time (January - February)

Course Description

Course Profile

Smart Grid Technology Platform is intended to prepare specialists in electrical engineering ready to work in industry and research institutes, laboratories and education. It gives knowledge and skills for solving current problems associated with electrical engineering. The graduates will get suitable level of competence for effective use of the newest technologies in the field of energy conversion, production, utilisation and measurements. The graduates will learn how to optimize the existing power systems with the use of novel power electronics systems and IT tools, to provide safety and reliability of high-quality energy suppliers. The graduates will be able to undertake activities focused on improving living standards on the energy market under competitive conditions. The course is provided only in English.

Education Requirements

BSC or Eng Degrees/diplomas; exam


•curriculum vitae

•scan of a higher education diploma with legalization (or an apostille), entitling to apply for admission to second-cycle degree programmes at universities of any type in the country in which the document was issued

•scan of a supplement with grades or another official document covering subjects passed by the candidate in the studies completed so far, including lectures, auditorium classes, laboratory classes, seminars, projects etc. together with a scale of grades confirmed by the university that the candidate graduated from or an authorised institution

•scan of a passport page with a photo and personal data

•scan of a photo in an official outfit on a light background


Programme details - contact:
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automatics, Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering 
Krzysztof Piątek, PhD


Recruitment details - contact:

Department for International Students

phone: +48 12 617 50 92