Poland is a country where cost of living is lower than in other countries. Students should remember that average costs are different in each city.


Shopping centres are available in every bigger town in Poland. Usually, they are open 7 days a week, often from 8.00 to 21.00, although, there are also shops open 24/7.

Local shops where you can buy food and fresh products are mostly open from Monday to Friday usually from 7.00 or 8.00 to 18.00 and on Saturday to 14.00 in other cities than Warsaw. They are usually closed on Sundays.

Bazaars are very popular in Poland. You can buy fresh fruits and vegetables there, as well as many other items. Bazaars are most frequently open from Monday to Saturday, and are often located at large housing estates.

Some examples of average prices per month:

  • Rent in a shared flat (or dormitory) - EUR 80-150
  • Transportation (in big cities) - EUR 15-20
  • Telephone/mobile, Internet, TV – EUR 12- 75

Selected prices

  • Bread: EUR 0.50 – 1.50
  • Water 1.5l: EUR 1
  • Milk: EUR 1
  • Coffee: EUR 2 -3 EUR

In the cheapest places you can eat a one-course meal for EUR 2–4, in restaurants of a higher standard you will pay EUR 12 or more for a three-course meal.

Cinema tickets will set you back by EUR 3–7. Theatre, opera or concert tickets are more expensive: about EUR 7–23.

Night life is the most expensive in the capital and in large cities. the entry into a club costs 2.50– 30; you will pay PLN 7–13 for 0.5l of beer and PLN 15–30 for a cocktail.


In Poland, persons aged 18 or above can buy and drink alcohol regardless of its percentage content and cigarettes. It is not allowed to consume alcohol outside designated premises (bars, restaurants and beer gardens).

Smoking in public places such as bus stops – is forbidden. It is permitted to smoke only in designated smoking areas in restaurants.

Entrance to night clubs is allowed to people over 18 years of age although there are also clubs where you have to be over 21.

Tax return

In some shops in Poland, citizens of non-EU countries can get a refund on VAT (Tax Free procedure). These shops are usually labelled. To get a refund, you must fill out the necessary forms and send them to appropriate institutions. When you return to your country you will receive a refund.