Collegium Da Vinci

Collegium Da Vinci


10 Gen. Tadeusza Kutrzeby Street 61–719 Poznań

phone +48 697 691 256

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Collegium Da Vinci in Poznań is one of the oldest  non-public universities in Greater Poland. It has been successfully operating in the Polish education market for more than 25 years. Our fields of study are interesting and innovative, created in cooperation with employers and based on trends of the global economy and the direction of change in the dynamic labour market. CDV graduates are able to find employment that suits their interests and education. In total, CDV cooperates with almost  200 partners and 21 foreign universities.

Following the example of the best Western universities, the Da Vinci education model – in addition to focusing on shaping the competences of the future – allows for a far-reaching individualisation of the study path, so as to adjust it as much as possible to the skills, talents, expectations, and time capabilities of each student. This educational model gives the opportunity to flexibly create an individualised educational path with the support of experts, including lecturers, tutors, mentors, graduates and representatives of the business environment. In addition to the modules that are obligatory for the course, the student also chooses a number of modules that may or may not be directly related to the field of study. They may constitute so-called interdisciplinary modules.

Our strategy is based on two key factors: dynamic development of the university and setting trends in practical education. We are implementing a completely new model of education, taking into account the independent design of the educational path by students and strong cooperation with the business environment. At Collegium Da Vinci we make every effort  to ensure that students learn through experience, and that the knowledge they  gain is tested and put into practice.

At Collegium Da Vinci you can study in English and Polish as well.

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Located in Poznan-the city of business and commerce, over 3000 students, international groups, modern campus, innovative programmes, practical approach, Erasmus+