Jan Dlugosz University in Czestochowa

Uniwersytet Humanistyczno-Przyrodniczy im. Jana Długosza w Częstochowie


4/8 Waszyngtona St.

42-200 Częstochowa

phone +48 34 378 41 00
www www.en.ujd.edu.pl

Jan Dlugosz University in Czestochowa (JDU) is a public institution with long education traditions. It is one of the largest public universities in the region, with highly qualified scientific and didactic staff.

Presently, JDU comprises six faculties: Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Science and Technology, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Art, Faculty of Law and Economics and Faculty of Health Sciences.  JDU has educated students and doctoral candidates in over 40 fields of bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral studies. JDU is entitled to grant doctorate degrees in in chemistry, physics, history, linguistics, literature, fine and musical arts, medical and health sciences, legal sciences, educational sciences and physical culture sciences. The university is certified to grant doctoral habilitation in the above-mentioned fields.

JDU is a fast expanding educational place. It collaborates with numerous scientific centers in the world. Efforts involve actions undertaken in developing scientific and research infrastructure, assuring modern didactic base, exploring new areas of research and realizing international projects.

Students and staff have access to up-to- date infrastructure, e. g. multimedia lecture halls, the sports center, language laboratories and even the planetarium.

Knowledge – Lifelong and Lifewide Learning

With those in mind who anticipate changing their employment or intend to continue their education after receiving a university diploma, JDU has prepared an extensive proposal of post-graduate studies and courses., which are open to everyone.

Cooperation – International Projects

JDU has signed bilateral and inter-institutional agreements with academic and scientific centres in the world. The collaboration is also based on realization of projects that include Erasmus+.

JDU For Everyone

JDU is a place open for the education of different age groups. The University of Young Explorers provides educational activities for the youngest. The elderly community presence is ensured at JDU thanks to the actively working University of the Third Age.

Sports at JDU

The accomplishments in sports at JDU are a source of our pride. A large part of the success is due to the participation of students involved in various activities at the Physical Education and Sport Centre, led by the Academic Sports Centre.

Students – Academic Life

Academic life at JDU is taken care of both by the staff and the Student Council. It is connected with helping the incoming students to settle down comfortably and supplying them with necessary information. An important part is to participate in the annual student carnival Juvenalia. Students from abroad can take part in various activities organized by the Faculties.

Faculty of Humanities – Why to study

The Faculty provides:

research-led environment to tackle global challenges & expectations;

intensive internship programmes with hands-on training & courses;

international educational experiences through exchange programmes, guest lecturers, innovative teaching & learning approaches: virtual interactions, distance learning;

experience in organizing international summer schools of the Polish language and culture;

modern and easily accessible facilities.

Faculty of Science and Technology – Why to study

The Faculty provides:

highly qualified academic teachers with considerable scientific achievements;

professional and modern laboratories equipped with new generation equipment available for students and staff;

curricula connecting modernity and teaching traditions, traineeships in industrial and scientific centers in the country and abroad;

lectures with foreign visiting professors and specialists from around the world;

modern teaching methods including a personal academic tutoring system and double diploma programs in cooperation with foreign universities; 

dual studies.

Faculty of Social Sciences – Why to study

The Faculty provides:

practical training of social skills;

teaching of the profession – social work, physiotherapy, psychoprophylaxis, teaching;

teaching practice;

active collaboration with numerous academic & non -academic communities & centres.

Faculty of Art – Why to study

The Faculty provides:

a highly qualified team of didactic workers with

considerable artistic and scientific achievements;

well-equipped artistic studios available for students and staff;

curricula with apprenticeships and practical trainings;

lectures with foreign visiting professors;

workshops with specialists from around the world.

Faculty of Law and Economics – Why to study

The Faculty provides:

a wide range of scientific circles, conferences and projects;

extensive international  cooperation with academic centres in Europe;

solid base of theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Faculty of Health Sciences – Why to study

The Faculty provides:

studies in two-cycle and/or long-cycle systems in 2 modes: full-time and part-time;

highly qualified teaching and training staff;

solid foundational knowledge and professional skill sets;

license of a sports instructor (physical education).


Facts & figures

  • Founded in 1971
  • More than 700 staff members
  • Ca. 5100 students
  • Long-lasting tradition of international exchange: students and staff – universities from all over Europe
  • The Jasna Góra Monastery (Luminous Mountain) in Częstochowa is a famous Polish shrine to the Virgin Mary. By many the monastery is called the spiritual capital of Poland
  • The city location – south-central part of Poland – convenient communication links to other European capital cities
  • Jurassic Highland – the geographic region where Częstochowa lies – abounds in picturesque sights available to see and experience