Most visitors to Poland experience no difficulties. Poland has a low rate of violent crime and a moderate level of street crime.  Major cities have higher rates of crime. There is no high risk of terrorism.

Anyway you should be careful about petty theft. Therefore you should keep cash out of sight, especially in crowded areas and tourist spots. This situation is particularly dangerous at main rail stations, in trains, especially overnight sleeper trains, while boarding and leaving trains. The same refers to public transport.

Do not leave valuables in plain sight inside vehicles.

You should choose taxi operators very carefully. You have to avoid unregulated taxi drivers, especially at airports and in other places. They overcharge. Only use official taxi – they have the name and telephone number of the taxi company on the side of the door and on the top of the taxi, a rate card on the window of the vehicle.

Don’t leave drinks or food unattended and beware of accepting drinks from casual acquaintances.

Only change money at banks or legitimate exchange kiosks (kantor).  ATMs at commercial banks, large hotels, shopping malls, and airports are safest.

If someone indicates you should pull over or signals that something is wrong with your car, continue driving until you reach a safe spot (a crowded gas station, supermarket, or a police station) to inspect your vehicle.

You can be fined by the police or by the municipal police. You can be fined for:

  • Crossing the road in dangerous places
  • Drinking alcohol in public
  • Going over the speed limit
  • Driving under the influence (cars, bicycles)

When driving, remember:

  • Have your seatbelt on
  • Headlights must be on throughout the year in Poland
  • Children must be transported in safety seats
  • Holding your phone while driving is illegal

Note: Report crimes to the local police by calling 997 or 112.