PhD Programme in Philosophy


Area of Studies

social sciences



Degree (in English)


  • English
Course Duration

4 years (8 semesters)

ECTS points



Department of Social Sciences (University of Wroclaw)

Tuition and Other Fees

Free of charge

Application Deadline(s)


Course Description

Course Profile

Education at the Doctoral College of Philosophy will be provided in Polish or English language. The curriculum of the Doctoral College of Philosophy consists of three groups of subjects: general university subjects (including classes in law, ethics of scientific research and didactical methods at academic institutions), subjects provided within the scope of colleges at the Faculty of Social Sciences, and, finally, authorial subjects offered to doctoral students within the scope of the Doctoral College of Philosophy. Among them one may enumerate:  Criticism of Historical Sources in Philosophy, Methods of Text Analysis, Great Philosophical Disputes, Mysticism in Eastern Christianity, Philosophical Contexts of Iconic Turn, Aesthetics Dimensions of the Political Aesthetics in Practice, Applied Rhetoric, Contemporary Philosophical Anthropology, Contemporary Political Ontologies, Individual and his Society in American Neo-Psychoanalysis, Methodology of Social Science: A Historical Perspective, Social Order and the Struggle for Recognition: Contemporary Approaches in Political Philosophy, Archetype and Image: Anthropologic View on Imagerious Process and many others.

The courses will be selected by the doctoral student and his/her doctoral thesis supervisor. The emphasis will be put on carrying out their own research by doctoral students. They will be treated as professionals who have significant contribution in broadening of the knowledge. Our programme assumes promotion of mobility  both in international dimension and between the university and other entities and within the university among various disciplin.

Education Requirements

  1. Application (including information on the planned subject of doctoral thesis and the name of the proposed research supervisor);
  2. Personal questionnaire completed in applicable online candidate recruitment system;
  3. Diploma of graduating from 2nd degree studies or uniform Master’s studies or other document entitling to apply for admission to a doctoral school (the original will be available for inspection to verify its conformity with the original); in the case of diploma acquired abroad (outside of Poland) an apostille or certification by the Polish consulate is required.
  4. A written opinion of the research supervisor selected from among independent research fellows of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Wroclaw regarding the draft outline of doctoral thesis including the declaration of providing research guidance for the candidate;
  5. The initial outline of doctoral thesis;
  6. A certificate or a statement confirming the knowledge of English language at B2 or equivalent level (FCE, TOEFL- 550, IELTS 5,5-6,5, BEC Vantage and other equivalent international certificates); the candidates for whom English was a lecturing language during a previous stage of education or for whom it is a native language, are released from the obligation of presenting the certificate.
  7. The copy of a document confirming the legalisation of stay in Poland along with the original for inspection (in case of foreigners); it is possible to be admitted to the entrance exam without the copy of the document confirming the legalisation of stay and to present the document in case of positive result of the entrance exam.
  8. The documents should be submitted in Polish or English language.
  9. The confirmation of the recruitment fee payment.