MA in English Studies: Language and Communication in Healthcare


Area of Studies

languages and philological sciences



Degree (in English)

Master of Arts

  • English

Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań (Faculty of English)

Tuition and Other Fees

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Course Description

Course Profile

Language and Communication In Healthcare is an interdisciplinary two-year English-language MA programme offered at Adam Mickiewicz University Faculty of English.  The Program is effective and empathetic communication for health and quality of life, co-taught by healthcare experts (academics and practitioners) from Poland and abroad, suited to BA/BSc and MA/MSc graduates with a good command of English.

Degree course assets

The programme includes:

  • workshops in designing voice interfaces for patients, coaching, audiodescription and drama techniques for standardised/simulated-patient medical training
  • internships at an outpatient clinic and the Medical Simulation Center of the Poznań University of Medical Sciences

Selected study areas

  • why is language-based communication important in medical and non-medical care provision
  • how to effectively communicate in healthcare – how to talk and how to listen
  • how to talk with a distressed patient
  • how to make specialist language accessible to non-experts
  • how to make communication easier where it is usually difficult
  • how a psychotherapist may heal by means of language
  • how the theatre can heal

Work opportunities

Graduates will be qualified to fulfil expert roles in diverse care contextsand eligible for employment in both well-established professions and emerging ones, including medical social work, home health assistance, patient assistance, patient advocacy, art therapy, health promotion and health education, audio description, UX design (user experience in the healthcare context), accompanying interpretation and language consultation for healthcare-related texts.

Education Requirements

Set of documents

  • photo file which will be used when generating the personal questionnaire
  • a scan of university diploma


Associate University Professor Agnieszka Kiełkiewicz-Janowiak, email:


Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań


ul. Wieniawskiego 1
61-712 Poznań, Poland

phone: +48 61 829 43 85

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