6-year Medicine Program


Area of Studies

medical sciences



Degree (in English)

MD (Medical Doctor)

  • English
Course Duration

6 years

ECTS points



Medical University of Bialystok, International Cooperation Department

Tuition and Other Fees

Admission fee - €500, obligatory pre-course - €500 (€400 if held online).
For the 1st Year - €13,500
All the consecutive years (from 2nd to 6th) - €13,500 / year

Application Deadline(s)


Course Description

Course Profile

The programme at English Division, Faculty of Medicine at Medical University of Bialystok lasts 6 consecutive years. The curriculum consists of preclinical courses (first 2 years), which are followed by clinical ones (further 4 years). Upon completing 6-year programme a student is awarded the Medical Doctor degree, which enables application for a license to practice medicine.

Education Requirements

Applicants are admitted on the basis of their position on the ranking list of candidates. The position on the ranking list is based on the total amount of points achieved in the following:
1) The number of points calculated from their grades recorded in the official high school transcript/maturity certificate/and on the candidate request, grades recorded in the other certificates (SAT II subject test exam or other post-graduate university courses). The minimum number of required points recalculated from the grades must be at least 100. Two grades out of the following four subjects are required and taken for evaluation: Chemistry, Biology, Physics or Mathematics.

2) The number of points achieved during an interview based on candidate's knowledge and the English language knowledge for medical studies and the medical profession - a maximum of 100 points.


International Cooperation Department, e-mail: admission@umb.edu.pl
phone: +48 85 686 52 23


Medical University of Bialystok


Jana Kilinskiego 1, 15-089 Bialystok, Poland

phone: +48 85 686 52 23
email: international@umb.edu.pl
www: http://www.umb.edu.pl/en

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