MA in Art and Design


Area of Studies

art and design



Degree (in English)

Master of Arts

  • English
  • Polish
Course Duration

2 years (4 semesters)

ECTS points



Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology

Tuition and Other Fees

First year of studies :
13800 PLN – full-time in Polish
13800 PLN – full time in English
11000 PLN – part-time weekend in Polish

Application Deadline(s)

Applications are accepted from May to September

Course Description

Course Profile

Master's studies are second-cycle studies. The objective of master's studies is to develop competences and specialized skills and expanding knowledge in the Discipline of Fine Arts and Conservation of Works of Art in the department of Graphic Design.

Master's studies at the Faculty of New Media Arts PJATK are based on three modules:

1- The artistic module;

2- The computer science module;

3- The theoretical module.

The artistic module and the computer science module prepare students for artistic research leading to the creation of an artistic project (artwork).

The theoretical module prepares students for theoretical research leading to the development of the Master’s degree dissertation.

The master’s project (artwork and dissertation) is created under the supervision of three promoters: the main promotor, the computer science promotor and theoretical promotor.

 Students can choose the following studios:

1- The Integrated Graphic Arts Studio;

2- The Integrated 3D and Multimedia Space Studio;

3- The Integrated Animated Film Studio;

4- The Integrated Artistic Creation Studio;

5- The Integrated Multimedia Studio;

6- The Integrated Graphic Design Studio;

7- The Integrated International Projects Studio.

Education Requirements

The aspiration to MA studies is conditional upon holding a BA graduation diploma from a tertiary institution in line with the Bologna system (art diploma is not compulsory).

The Candidates, who haven't graduated from Art faculties, will probably have some subjects from  Bachelor Degree programme to be completed during the first semester of  Master Degree.

Admission is based on the assessment of portfolios and qualifying interviews.


A portfolio including selected graphic/ multimedia/ information/ communication projects (up to 10 selected projects, described to indicate the used visual/multimedia means, technologies, and tools, project objective, and in the case of group projects – the scope of own activity, illustrated in an interactive .pdf of max. 20mb).

An interview with one of the teachers leading the project path selected by the candidate, and with the English language teacher. The objective of this interview is an assessment of the candidate's communication skills and their readiness to the selected program path.

Required documents:

  • a signed application for admission;
  • an original diploma and transcript;
  • a translation (into Polish or English);
  • an apostille (if necessary);
  • a copy of an official ID;
  • a digital photograph uploaded to the enrolment portal
  • a copy of payment for the qualifying interview (75PLN).

Other Requirements

Admission is based on the assessment of portfolios and qualifying interviews.


Recruitment office
address: 86 Koszykowa St.,  02-008 Warsaw
phone: +48 22 58 44 590