Bachelor's degree in Business Administration


Area of Studies

business studies and management sciences



Degree (in English)

Bachelor's degree in Business Administration

  • English
Course Duration

3 years/ 6 semesters

ECTS points



College of Economics and Computer Science (WSEI)

Tuition and Other Fees

8600 PLN/ 2106 EUR per year

Application Deadline(s)

August 15, 2020 (For Non EU/EEA applicants)
September 15, 2020 (For EU/ EEA applicants)

Course Description

Course Profile
There are two sides to the innovation equation– creativity and management skills. It is one thing to come up with an idea, but it is one step above to be able to see it through and sell the idea to the market.

In a world of missed opportunities within the high technology and innovation sector, business administration majors are a bridge between the product and the market.

Business administration is a fascinating field of expertise. No matter where your interests and passions lie, a skillset earned by a Business Administration degree will always be a valuable asset to any organisation. Your expertise would thereby be equally important for innovative products to succeed.

Become a key player in the innovation game. Mark your place in the world, make sure your performance is appreciated, while also taking pleasure in the work that you do!
Education Requirements
You are eligible to apply for admission to an undergraduate program if you have a certificate confirming the completion of at least a combined total of 11 years of primary and secondary education, which officially entitles you to enter university in your home country (or the country where you completed your secondary education).
In order to be accepted, you also need to prove your English language proficiency at B2 level according to The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).Note that, if you are unable to provide an appropriate language certificate, or there are doubts about the validity of your language credentials, you will be required to take an English exam in person and/or online (with oral part via Skype which costs 85 PLN/ 20 Euros)
Other Requirements
After we receive the proof of tuition payment and health insurance a confirmation letter will be issued which you can then use to apply for a visa in your home country. If you require additional assistance with the visa process, WSEI also collaborates with an external agency who can assist you through the entire process find out more by sending an email to You can also write to foreign office in Cracow via email on