MSc in Mechanics and Machine Design


Area of Studies

engineering, technology



Degree (in English)


  • English
Course Duration

1.5 years (3 semesters)

ECTS points



Bialystok University of Technology

Tuition and Other Fees

Tuition / semester: 1250 EUR

Course Description

Course Profile

This graduate program is addressed to graduates with BSc in Engineering, primarily for alumni of BSc in Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, Automatics and Robotics program or similar (after complementing curriculum disparities).

The main objectives of the second-cycle studies in the field of mechanics and machine design are related to the preparation of graduates for independent, creative engineering work, research work in solving interdisciplinary technical and organizational problems with the use of computer methods and techniques, and to manage human resources. These studies are to provide the education of specialists with the skills to use advanced knowledge in the field of mechanics, design, manufacture, assembly and operation of machines and manufacturing systems, diagnostics and measurements. A graduate has knowledge of pro-ecological technologies and integrated environmental, safety and quality management systems in manufacturing processes. He has extended knowledge in the field of assembly, operation, service and supervision of machines and vehicles. In addition, the graduate is equipped with knowledge and practical skills in the implementation of measurements and diagnostic skills.

Specializations that will be implemented in the second cycle of full-time studies:

  1. Mechanics and Applied Computer Science