5-year DDS programme


Area of Studies

medical sciences



Degree (in English)


  • English
Course Duration

5 years/10 semesters

ECTS points



Medical University of Lublin, Faculty of Medical Dentistry

Tuition and Other Fees

6900 – 8000 EUR per semester depending on year of study (for students matriculating in 2022/2023 academic year)

Application Deadline(s)

June 2023

Course Description

Course Profile

DDS program at the Medical University of Lublin prepares students to provide professional patient care as well as educate on preventive and therapeutic dental activities. DDS students acquire knowledge in the field of diagnosis of the most common diseases and assessment of the patient's condition, as well as in the field of health promotion, health education and research along with the dissemination of its results. We offer a well-designed, complete study program in accordance with the latest standards of medical dentistry education worldwide. Our students acquire both theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience in a modern, friendly and unified educational environment. We employ effective didactic methods and technologies, such as medical simulation, problem-based learning and medical cases. Since we believe in moving classroom exercises to real-life practice, our students have opportunity to work with patients in newly opened, modern University Dental Center.

Education Requirements

1. High School Diploma/Transcript:
-    Obligatory: Biology
-    Additional: two out of three to be chosen: Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics
-    the above listed results can be also proved by BMAT result
Grades obtained in high school would be recalculated into application points; each subject gives maximum 100 application points;
2. The entrance interview evaluating motivation, empathy, teamwork, career aspirations as well as life & mathematical sciences terminology; on-line, the maximum number points amounts to 100;
More details: http://umlub.pl/en/candidatesnew/practical-informationnw/dentistry/direct-admission/

Other Requirements

Nostrification of High School Diploma – for some candidates: http://umlub.pl/en/candidatesnew/practical-informationnw/dentistry/direct-admission/


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Medical University of Lublin (MUL)


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