BA in Physics in the Field of Medical Physics


Area of Studies

natural sciences



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  • English
Course Duration

3 years


Faculty of Physics

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180 EUR

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Course Description

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The content of studies in medical physics is located on the frontier area of physics and medicine.
The programme of studies contains foundations of physics, the elements of chemistry, the elements of biology and biophysics, the introduction to human anatomy and physiology. It contains finally the elements of oncology and radiative methods of image diagnostics and oncological therapy.
The aim of education is to prepare physics staff to work in health care units as well as in suitable research and industrial laboratories. Graduates of the faculty will be capable of both taking a role of competent partners of medical, research or technical staff and serving as advisors for resolutions connected with achievements in physics, especially ones which are applied in diagnostics and medical treatment. They will be also prepared to apply for the second degree studies.
Education Requirements
recruitment on the basis of submitted obligatory documents. More please, visit the website


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