Master’s degree in Sociology: Media and Diversity Studies


Area of Studies

natural sciences



Degree (in English)

Master’s degree in Sociology

  • English
Course Duration

2 years (4 semester)

ECTS points

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Collegium Civitas

Tuition and Other Fees

Application fee 85 PLN
Tuition fee (per semester) 6700 PLN
Tuition fee (per semester in installments) 5 x 1380 PLN

Course Description

Course Profile

If you are interested in media and communication on the one hand and socio-cultural diversity, socio-economic inequalities and intersections between age, race, gender, disability, religion and sexual orientation on the other – this should be your choice!

We offer an unique mixture of diversity studies and media studies. You will know what is diversity and what are its various dimensions. What is intersectionality? How to act against (cross) discrimination using media and journalism? You will learn how to communicate diversity. What kind of language should be used? How to create inclusive communication strategies?

You will read articles, books, watch TV series and films and you will seek for good and bad practices of representing minority groups. And then you will discuss and create your own representations.

In the curriculum you will find 3 types of courses. There are courses related to general knowledge, such as: Approaches to Social and Cultural Diversity, Stereotypes and Prejudice. Courses related to diversity, such as: disability, gender, ethnic minority, queer and age. There are also courses related to the media and communication, such as: Social communication, Media and Communication Research, Ethics in Media, Media releases analysis.

We provide various teaching techniques and concentrate mostly on active methods, such as workshops, case studies.

One you graduate from Media and Diversity Studies you will have an unique knowledge and skills – in social research, social communication and diversity studies.

Education Requirements

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