MSc in Energy and Environmental Engineering


Area of Studies

engineering, technology



Degree (in English)


  • English
Course Duration

4 semesters


Faculty of Energy and Fuels

Application Deadline(s)

winter time (January - February)

Course Description

Course Profile

Undertaking studies in the field of Energy and Environmental Engineering conducted jointly by two universities of AGH University of Science and Technology, and Shibaura Institute of Technology guarantees to gain knowledge, skills, and competencies, which are consistent with the assumed learning outcomes, and take into account contemporary socio-economic needs. A student completing a graduate course (level 7 of the PRK) in the field of Energy and Environmental Engineering is fully aware of the role of energy engineering and its impact on the environment as well as the socio-economic development of the country.

Energy and Environmental Engineering studies prepare graduates for work in all branches of the energy-related sectors as well as research and development. The main feature of the joint studies is the orientation and specialization towards the design and optimization of modern energy systems, the designing, and manufacturing techniques of contemporary energy materials, considering environmental protection that distinguishes the course is the focus on the global aspects of energy conversion, including the preparation of graduates to work in international teams to face global challenges of energy and environment. Satisfying the above skills, knowledge, and social competences is a coherent connection of socio-economic needs with the learning outcomes assumed in the field of Energy and Environmental Engineering.

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Detailed study programme:



Other Requirements

NOTE! In case of this progamme it is necessary that a candidate additionally provides an English certificate at the minimum B-2 level, according to CEFR.


Programme Cordinator:

Faculty of Energy and Fuels

Prof. Janusz S. Szmyd, D.Sc., Ph.D., Dr.H.C.





Programme details - contact:

Faculty of Energy and Fuels

Ewa Figórska


phone: +48 12 617 20 81


 Recruitment details - contact:

Department for International Students

phone: +48 12 617 50 92


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February / March