MSc in Horticulture: Seed Science and Technology


Area of Studies

engineering, technology



Degree (in English)


  • English
Course Duration

4 semesters (full-time)

ECTS points



Faculty of Agronomy, Horticulture and Bioengineering

Tuition and Other Fees

3800 EUR (1000 EUR per 1st, 2nd, 3rd semester and 800 EUR per 4th semester) + enrollment fee (65 EUR for non-EU candidates and 85 PLN for EU candidates and NAWA scholarship holders)

Application Deadline(s)

May 31, 2022

Course Description

Course Profile

Participants of this course will become acquainted with the most advanced branch of technology in the European Union. The course is suitable for students interested in the latest trends in Horticulture, especially in seed production, seed quality evaluation, and enhancement, seed marketing and management of seed company.

The course gives a chance for an international career, delivering both theory and practice in seed production. The programme of the course emphases on seed production, quality evaluation, marketing and logistics, the specifics of seed market, the latest seed-processing technologies and seed storage, however, it covers also courses focused on various aspects of advanced horticulture, such as: molecular diagnostic of plant diseases, sustainable horticulture and modern trends in horticulture.
The course teachers carry out research on ecology and variability of selected plants, fauna, and ecology of some insects families, plant stress, epidemiology and harmfulness of horticultural plants diseases, modern cultivation technology of vegetables, mushrooms, ornamental plants, herbs and pomology crops, and especially on seed marketing, seed vigour, seedborne diseases and seed health testing methods, and new chemical and non-chemical methods to control seed-borne pathogens.
The visits to the top-ranked seed companies in Poland and Europe and institutes associated with seed certification are a significant part of the course. Research is carried out in plant selection fields and well-equipped research laboratories.
Graduates, after completing the course, will gain insight into the whole branch of the economy and learn needed skills to successfully work in it, as a result of both studies and research conducted for their MSc theses.

The graduates of our course will be able to take up employment around the world, including work in seed and trade companies dealing with sowing material, public administration offices working with them as well as advising units connected with all range of agriculture. The graduates can also run seed farms or advise growers or institutions which do it and become experts in controlling institutions and courts of various level. Moreover, they will be prepared to work at several research units related to agriculture and to continue a scientific career.

Main modules

  • Genetics and plant breeding
  • Sowing material production
  • New technologies in seed processing
  • Seed quality evaluation
  • Seed biology
  • Seed pathology
  • Business management and logistics in the seed industry

Education Requirements

BSc in:

  • Horticulture
  • Agriculture
  • Agronomy
  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Agricultural Biotechnology



Poznań University of Life Sciences

28 Wojska Polskiego St.

60-637 Poznań, Poland

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Poznań University of Life Sciences


Poznań University of Life Sciences

28 Wojska Polskiego St.

60-637 Poznań, Poland,



MSc Studies phone: +48 61 846 6716, WhatsApp +48 517 340 910, e-mail:

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